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Essay: I Called Her Aunt Anna

Sandy Hermanoff tells a story about rekindling a relationship.
A view of the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Tex., on Jan. 17, 2022.

Top US Security Officials to US Jews: Colleyville Was a ‘Terrorist Attack on Jewish...

A White House seminar is designed in part to reassure Jews that they could attend services this Shabbat.
The first Birthright Israel group after a year-long absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, May 24, 2021.

Birthright Israel & Onward Israel Merge

Merger provides young Jews around the world increased opportunities to visit, study, work and live in Israel.
Patty Stelmaszak unpacks goodies from her truck.

Faces & Places: A Mitzvah Weekend

Hundreds of volunteers of various faiths came together to serve Metro Detroit nonprofits.
Elisha Wiesel speaks at the No Fear rally in solidarity with "the Jewish people and Israel" in Washington, D.C., July 11, 2021.

Colleyville is an Opportunity for American Jews to Rethink Our Approach to Curbing Antisemitism

A historian and law student asks: If antisemitism is systemic, "doesn’t it demand more thoroughgoing responses than pride and protest?"
From 1959

Looking Back: A Yiddish Literary Giant

Universally known by his chosen pen name, Sholem Aleichem, the writer Solomon Naumovich Rabinovich (1859-1916) was one of the foremost creators of Yiddish literature.
Anne Frank

A Jew Betrayed Anne Frank’s Family, Cold-Case Investigators Conclude

The theory about Arnold van den Bergh is the latest in a string of hypotheses about how the Nazis discovered the teenage diarist's family in hiding.
court ruling

JBAM Offering Law Scholarship in Honor of Late Attorney Charles J. Cohen

A Michigander at heart, Charles J. Cohen continually stressed the importance of legal education.

A Word of Torah: Why the Giving of the Torah is a Turning Point...

In this week’s parshah, Yitro, we encounter history’s single biggest turning point, a moment that changed everything, for everyone, forever: the giving of the Torah by God to Moses and the Jewish people at Mount Sinai.
Joel Tenenbaum, 81, and Marilyn Berkowitz, 84, enjoy the beach just north of Tel Aviv.

The New Florida? Record Number of US Retirees Relocate to Israel in 2021

The pandemic, Marc Rosenberg said, has prompted people of all ages to recalibrate what’s important to them. 

Torah Portion: Freedom of Thought

Parshat Yitro: Exodus 18:1-20:23; Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6.
The attack on a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, will be on the minds of congregants across the country this Saturday as they gather for services.

American Jews Prepare for a Shabbat in the Shadow of Colleyville

“We'll have more people in person this week than we had last week,” one rabbi said. “In moments of trauma, people want to be together."
This photo shows what became of the Chandler family home and textile business. It came to house a 21st-century restaurant.

3-Minute Vacation Film Snippet of Small-Town Jews in Pre-Nazi Poland Yields a Touching, Revealing...

The film delves into the commonalities of all people and not a stereotypical grouping of people.
Yeshivath Chachmei Lublin

80 Years Ago: In 1942, Joe Biden and the Jewish News Were Both Born

Irwin Cohen gives a history lesson of what life in Detroit was like in 1942.
The Rabbi & The Shrink Podcast

Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and Catholic Cuban Psychologist Talk Ethics in New Podcast

The Rabbi and The Shrink podcast aims to teach people moral principles while improving understanding of different perspectives.