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He Said … She Said

Using a classic approach to gathering reader opinion, Red Thread employed the “Man on the Street” technique by asking five men and five women three questions each to determine how answers diverged based upon gender.
Let’s see what they said …
Question No. 1: If someone gave you $1,000, how would you spend it?
Question No. 2: Can a father do as good a job being the primary caregiver as a mother?
Question No. 3: Sexiest body part?

Dan Morris, 23, Ypsilanti; food services
Spotted at the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner
1. Save half; split the rest between travel and
helping my friends.
2. Yes.
3. Eyes.

Andrew Prussack, 25, West Bloomfield; graduate student
Spotted at “Torah on Tap” at Dick O’Dows, Birmingham
1. Getting a new laptop as my computer keeps getting slower and slower.
2. I don’t see why not. It’s important to look at each individual — some men are good primary caregivers while others are less suitable.
3. I think that my sexiest body part is my tush. Oh, you mean for a woman; in that case, I’ll go with legs.

Hy Safran 26, Franklin; aide to a U.S. congressman
Spotted at the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner
1. Invest the $1,000, and let it grow over time.
2. If the father is truly dedicated to his children, then yes he can be a terrific caregiver. However, there is nothing like the comfort and care of the mother.
3. Eyes; always the eyes.

Brett Anchill, 28, West Bloomfield; business owner
Spotted at Somerset Collection
1. Put it toward my
2. Yes.
3. Legs.

Ryan Sklar, 28, Farmington Hills; wholesale jewelry industry
Spotted at Somerset Collection
1. I would invest in precious metals.
2. Yes, but there is something to be said for a mother’s natural instinct.
3. Smile.

Jodi Beals, 26, West Bloomfield; public relations
Spotted at Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner
1. I wouldn’t; I would save it.
2. It would definitely have to depend on who the father is. If [he’s] Mrs. Doubtfire, then I would have to go with “yes.”
3. 1-866-RED-HAIR.

Melissa Melshenker Ackerman, 27, Birmingham; defense attorney
Spotted at Lifetown at the Friendship Circle
1. Donate hats, scarves and gloves to the
homeless in the winter.
2. Of course.
3. Their mind.

Samantha Steckloff, 26, Farmington Hills; product specialist
Spotted at Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner
1. I would [want to] spend it on a trip; but it would end up going right into the pockets of Wayne State University for my master’s program.
2. Absolutely!
3. I thought about saying a great butt, but then realized my grandmother would see this, so I went with my other favorite — a great smile!

Lauren Anchill, 29, West Bloomfield; principal, nonprofit organization
Spotted at Somerset Collection
1. Pay my bills; otherwise, charity.
2. Absolutely.
3. Smile.

Julie Marx, 32, Bloomfield Hills; freelancer, public relations
Spotted at the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner
1. I’d go on a trip, I love to travel!
2. Absolutely. It’s less about gender and more about spending time with children.
3. That’s tough; I guess [a] smile.



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