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Movin’ On Up?!

There are two weeks every January where the city of Detroit and the industry synonymous with its name come together to woo the press and public alike — the North American International Auto Show.

Running this year from Jan. 15-23 at Cobo Center, Red Thread decided to take two new tacks: we chose a singular event to seek people’s opinion, crashing the venerated Akiva Hebrew Day School Chinese Auction, and (for good measure) we threw in an extra-credit question, too. Here’s what we asked and what we heard …

Question No. 1: Do you think the federal bailout of General Motors was in the country’s best interest?
Question No. 2: Do you think the domestic Big Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler) are finally in a position to recapture lost market share?
Question No. 3: Is the North American International Auto Show still a critical asset to the region?
Question No. 4: Do you drive a domestic nameplate automobile?

Dr. David Berris, 67, West Bloomfield; dentist
1. Yes
2. They have a chance and are in a better position now than [a few] years ago.
3. Yes; it creates interest and employs people. Anything that showcases the industry is important.
4. Yes, I drive two [domestic].

Becky Eizen, 45, Southfi eld; principal, promotional items company
1. Yes.
2. They’re moving in that direction, but I don’t think they’re there yet.
3. No.
4. Yes [domestic]; my husband wouldn’t let me drive anything but!

Ari Fischman, 31, Southfield; insurance and financial products broker
1. Yes; the government will get most of their money back and they [the government] needed to stop the bleeding.
2. Absolutely — especially with the downfall of Toyota.
3. Absolutely — the auto industry, without question, is still our biggest regional strength to the economy.
4. Yes [domestic].

Ezra Drissman, 29, Oak Park; account executive
1. No
2. No
3. Yes
4. No [foreign]

Sheryl Zuroff , 41, Southfield; Housewife
1. Yes
2. Yes, as Toyota seems to be slipping.
3. No; the money could be used in better places.
4. Yes [domestic], we have two.

Zoya Rice, 27, Oak Park; teacher
1. No
2. I have no idea.
3. Yes; it’s a big thing, and people come from all over the world to see the show.
4. If it’s built here, isn’t that American enough?

Stuart Lebenbaum, 48, Southfield; attorney
1. Yes, but it shouldn’t be viewed as an isolated incident.
2. I don’t know, but I do think they’re in a position to be profi table.
3. Absolutely — it’s an international show.
4. Yes [domestic].



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