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Where’d You Go?

It was bound to happen sooner or later — the mail slowed to a trickle. However, Red Thread doesn’t subscribe to the “no news is good news” theory; we want to hear what you think — love us or hate us. With that said, we did get a couple of e-mails saying that January’s book, “The Auto Issue,” was appreciated. Oh, postman, please don’t forsake us next month.
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RE: “Casualties of Attrition” (January 2011)
I want to thank you for the article about the West Bloomfi eld GM dealers. Unfortunately, no other media outlets have been willing to cover this disturbing story. I know both Mark Audette and Jeff Cauley personally, and they are absolutely the finest people in the business.
— Name and location withheld, by request


RE: “The Auto Issue” Cover Art (January 2011)
My husband has worked for the auto industry for all his working life. He loved your cover for “The Auto Issue.”
Loved your magazine — well done!
— Amy Hammer, via e-mail


RE: More Red Thread Online
I saw your link on the Jewish News website and was wondering: How do I find
more of your information? From the little I was able to read, I’d like to read more.
— Ilene Honiss, Dearborn; via e-mail

Editor’s Response:
We let Ms. Honiss know through e-mail that our publication is available for purchase at newsstands, carried inside the Detroit Jewish News, the first week of every month; and that our new website would be live by the end of January.

This was her reply:

“Well, I suppose now there is a reason to take the drive north to pick up a copy.
Thanks again and have a great day.”

A reason, indeed!



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