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Food For Thought

So now that you have read my first blog, something I have never done before, and those of you that tried my recipe liked it, let me tell you about me.

My name is Tammy Betel.  I am a 51-year-old Jewish mom of 2 daughters (aged 24 and 21) and step mom of a son (22) and daughter (19).  As my kids were growing up I always made sure to prepare a wide variety of meals to give them an appreciation of all food.  When I married my husband almost 11 years ago I was faced with a challenge.  I now had 2 kids who had, lets just say, a very limited palate.  So I don’t think I have to tell you although I had heard about families that had the same problem, I never did.  Ok, adventure on!

As the days flew by, no matter what I made for dinner, the side dish was always pasta (with butter no spaghetti sauce), pizza, chicken nuggets or Kraft Mac & Cheese (couldn’t even give them Stouffers).  Going to restaurants was great as long as they served hot dogs, pizza, pasta or grilled cheese.  Believe it or not, although my stepdaughter now eats a few more foods, my stepson has gotten even pickier.

So how did I handle it?  I don’t know – frustration was one way to describe myself  back then.  Now it’s just a part of life.  Our time spent together is so much more important than the food we eat.  With the kids off at college or graduated my husband and I are happy just to spend time with them.

My mother was a great influence in my cooking abilities.  Some of her recipes are part of my repertoire especially at holiday time.  Her brisket recipe is one of my family’s favorites.  I am not opposed to making difficult recipes but sometimes I look for convenience in my meals Today I share this recipe with you.  In later blogs, I will share other recipes from her as well.

Ms. Carol’s Brisket

1 Beef Brisket (the larger the better as this will shrink during cooking.

Reynold’s Oven Bag

2 Jars Mushroom Gravy (Heinz for example)

2 Jars (use gravy jars) Ketchup

2 Envelopes Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix

2 Jars (use gravy jars) Water

5-6 Carrots, whole, peeled and trimmed

In a baking pan, open the oven bag and place carrots in the bottom.  Place the brisket on top of the carrots and add the gravy, soup mix, ketchup and water.  Close the bag with the tie enclosed in the box.

Place in 325* oven for 5-6 hours.  The longer the brisket cooks the more tender it will be.

I serve this either with mashed potatoes, broad noodles or Kasha Varnishkas (Kasha with bowties). The gravy is so good, sometimes I add a 3rd jar/envelope of each.

I also tend to make 2 briskets as this freezes very well.

NOTE:  You can make this without the oven bag.  In this case, cover the baking pan with heavy duty aluminum foil and seal well.  Keep the brisket covered at all times while cooking.




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