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Ain’t No Blizzard Strong Enough to Keep Us from You

As we prepared this issue for press, the heat was on — despite the latest blizzard that befell the area. But, as long as we keep getting your letters, we’re happy. We do find it interesting when some readers take the time to send their comments but request they not be published. Why? You can slam us — we’ll still love you. Of course, you can always say you love us, too.

Day School Daze

RE: “Editor’s Letter” (February 2011)

I enjoyed reading your letter about “Day Schools and Turf Wars” in the February 2011 issue of Red Thread. I applaud you for taking the necessary position that all Jewish day schools in Detroit must be supported. I think it is wonderful that you can serve as P.T.O president of one day school while sending your other children to another day school.  It is unfortunate that anyone would think it is disloyal to support more than one day school.

Whether a family chooses Hillel or another day school in our community — the overriding goal is to get as many children into the day school setting as possible. I do not consider it a loss if a family chooses a particular day school over another; if a family chooses a non-Jewish private school over one of Detroit’s Jewish day schools — that is a loss.

The Jewish community needs to ensure that all our day schools remain sustainable and that we work together to fill them to capacity. Why is this so important? Years of research prove that Jewish day schools are one of the single best guarantors in securing a vibrant future for the Jewish family and the larger Jewish community.

According to Jack Wertheimer of the Jewish Theological Seminary and author of Generation of Change: How Jewish Leaders in their 20s and 30s Are Reshaping American Jewish Life, “Day School alumni are disproportionately overrepresented in the ranks of young volunteer and professional Jewish leaders.

“A study of Jewish leaders ages 22–40 reveals that 40 percent attended Jewish day schools. These leaders are far more likely to have received a day school education than the rest of the age peers in the rank and file.”

The Jewish community must create a collective sense of urgency and work together to grow and support all of our day schools. You are leading by example; I hope more of your peers will follow!

— Steve Freedman, Head of School, Hillel Day School

RE: “Editor’s Letter” (February 2011)

I just finished reading the latest edition of Red Thread and started with your Editor’s Letter. I appreciate that you support and promote the Jewish day schools in the area, and I understand the “turf wars” you describe. Of course, each school is different and could be a different “right fit” for each child.

I, too, am hoping to be able to send my daughter to a Jewish day school at some point. However, she has special needs/special powers, and without much programming or support in place, it’s not quite the “right fit” for every Jewish child. Maybe someday; but if not for her, I’d like to keep pushing for inclusion for the countless kids who will come after her. (And, we know they will — have you seen how the number continue to rise?)

For now, she remains at the JCC, where they have created an amazing environment of full inclusion, embracing all kinds of kids, while teaching the “typical” kids that we are all the same — it’s so freaking awesome.

I digress … congratulations on the new website. I look forward to checking it out and supporting this new venture. Your last line in this month’s letter mentions people who have moved away. My husband and I are the anomaly; both of us grew up in Los Angeles, moved here almost nine years ago and have decided to stay.
I look forward to more Red Thread both in print and online!

— Dani Gillman-Glickfeld, West Bloomfield

Sorry Eve, Three’s a Crowd!

RE: “In the Garden with Adam and Steve” (February 2011)
Thank you for your important and insightful article on gay relationships. As a longtime member of Congregation T’chiyah in Oak Park, I especially applaud Rabbi Jason Miller’s comments. Inclusiveness and human dignity are key and have been part of our congregational culture since its founding in the late 1970s.

— Roslyn Abt Schindler, Huntington Woods

Toilet Humor … It Stinks!

RE: “Potty Humor, Literally” (February 2011)

In the February 2011 edition of Red Thread, I was startled to see the article “Potty Humor” and wonder what possessed you to publish that section? The Jewish News is something I look forward to receiving every week. Cross me off the Red Thread list.

— L.H. Kutinsky, Esq., Madison Heights

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