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Spinning plates 2

Could it Be Worse?

As my wife was leaving the house this morning, she remarked that Bella (who’s in first grade) was getting out of school early because of parent-teacher conferences. The mention of it sent a wave of panic through me; I had no clue that conferences were scheduled to take place.

I checked the school calendar and saw that conferences were, according to said calendar, supposed to take place the following week. Phew … or so I thought. About an hour later, as I was dropping the other two off at their school, I got a text saying that, in fact, conferences were today. (Sh^t!)

Herein lies the latest example of that ever-present struggle to maintain a work-life balance — how can I get my work done and still make sure the kids are alright? Oh, my relationship with Amy? We are currently aspiring to have quality time beyond just brushing our teeth in the bathroom without kids.

It seems near impossible to juggle multiple plates and not drop a dish or two. I don’t mind as much when the broken plate affects me; when it affects one of my kids, well, it’s just painful. And, this evening, while I was wracking my brain thinking about the latest post for Red Thread’s Facebook page, Bella asked: “Who’s going to babysit us when you or Mommy goes to conferences?”


“Um, well, Mommy is stuck at her office and I have to stay here with you guys, so we scheduled a separate meeting with your teachers,” I offered, half-convincingly to anyone above the age of 7. (Fortunately, she is still 6). A half-year later and she likely would’ve called me out on that, too.

Which brings me to the last email I sent out before writing this post: I had been wooing a friend who lives in the neighborhood to consider blogging because she has that rare ability to translate her funny observations into the written word — and they’re still funny.

She responded to my original query the following morning all excited.  Well, three days later and I finally got back to her (by email, of course) — which is more than Bella’s teachers got. But, I guess that’s life in the 21st century when both parents have careers.

I guess it could be worse though … it’s not like I sent Bella to school without her lunch. Oh, wait — I did that last week!



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