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Single Men and the Married Women they know — Biblically!

The Post-Date Post credo: It’s either a good date or a great story. All stories from Post-Date Post published in Red Thread are done with our promise that the author’s name is withheld. Go to for past columns as well as a link to the Post-Date Post website.

I’m out at a club and this Russian girl approaches me. She is hot, and drunk. We walk back to her car and we’re making out, and I look in the backseat of her minivan and see a child’s seat. So I think, “Oh well,” another married one.

A few weeks later we start messing around even more and it’s totally great. She said she wasn’t interested in her husband, who married her through a Russian bride website; she just wanted to get to the United States.

It’s going fine [and] I’m once again totally enamored because I don’t have to do much of anything to be with her. But, my favorite part was when she said we had to break up because she started dating somebody else — her divorce lawyer — because her aim was to get the house.

She said, “I can’t have sex with you anymore because my lawyer told me I can only have sex with him.” Then she tried to set me up with her cousin.

I [remember when] I met this girl who I was absolutely in love with — maybe not love but infatuated with her. And my friend Mark was at the bar, and he liked her, too. We were definitely competing for her, but I basically just got tired and went home.

Several months later, she’s at the [same] bar again and basically [asks] me, “Why did you leave? I so wanted to be with you.” And I’m like, “OK!”

So we have a couple of dates, etc., etc., and I’m really starting to fall for her — and we finally have sex. She was good. We go for quite a long time, and at the end I ask her, “Would you like some water?” She says, “No, and by the way, I’m married.”

So, what do you say at that moment? I was like, “That’s a no on the water?”

I went out with her a few more times, and I knew people who knew her husband. I met him a few years later — and he knew all about it. Yeah, it was awkward.



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