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Who’s Up for a Slap and Tickle?

Porn names, lap dances and taxes — all-important items to be discussed among a well-educated set … or maybe not. Either way, we found ourselves chatting with some young adults and thought it would be fun to see their answers to the following questions:

Which celebrity would you most like a lap dance from?
What would your porn name be?
How much do you think a lap dance costs?
Would you be cool with Gov. Snyder slapping a vice tax on strip clubs?

Andrew Schiff, 25, Royal Oak; medical device sales
1. Emmanuelle Chriqui
2. Howard Oak
3. $60
4. It’s fine.


Allie Standal, 22, Ann Arbor; student
1. Brad Pitt
2. Ryan Waite
3. $10
4. If it’s a way to bring revenue into the state, then it’s OK.



Eric Mann, 34, Huntington Woods; educator
1. Joan Rivers
2. Martin Kingston
3. $10.
4. It would bring it on par with other vice taxes, so why not?


Joseph Cohen, 29, Oak Park; interior design
1. Marilyn Monroe
2. Eli Lincoln
3. Where I go, it’s 100 bones.
4. Smart.




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