Won’t You Be Our Special Someone?

Just like a tween sitting by the phone — pining away the time because that “special” someone is gonna call — we’ve been hoping to hear from you. Hey, it’s cool; we know you’re busy and surely don’t need another guilt trip about not keeping in touch. We mean, we only gave birth to you and you can’t even pick up the phone — wait a minute; our bad, that’s the wrong speech. Perhaps you’ll feel compelled to reach out now. Hope May is a good one for you.

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RE: Red Thread Magazine

I enjoy your magazine a lot; I particularly enjoy articles that discuss trends in Detroit — and of course those that discuss positive things happening here. In fact, I sent the link for the magazine to a friend who’s in South America for the year, and he responded back that he really enjoyed the articles about Detroit and about Tribefest!
This morning, I read the editor’s blog and was pleasantly surprised by how funny and witty it was. I will definitely be checking back regularly. Of course, I loved the photos of Amy’s (the editor’s wife) baking endeavors. She and I share a love of baking.

— Sue Binder,
Bloomfield Hills

RE: Highlights (April 2011)

I couldn’t help but notice that in your glowing announcement of the upcoming Pixies concert in Detroit, you failed to note the band’s recent cancellation of their scheduled performances in Israel. While the Pixies cited “events beyond our control” for their cancellation, the action took place shortly after Israel intercepted the “peace activists” flotilla headed toward Gaza.

A Pixies tour stop in Detroit is certainly worth mentioning in your upcoming events section. However, omitting a current and relevant connection of the Pixies to Israel, and consequently many Jews, left the band’s tour announcement seem incomplete in a Jewish periodical.
The cancellation of shows and boycotts of artists against Israel has been a disturbing trend for the past two years and shows no sign of subsiding. Perhaps this topic would make a good article for an upcoming edition of Red Thread. Hey hey, my my …

— Alan Pearlstein,
Commerce Township


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