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The most important help you'll ever hire -- your babysitter.

My Babysitter is My Favorite Mechanic

That headline might seem like a stretch but stick with me and, if you own a car and/or a kid (or both), you’ll likely agree.

Back Story

Back when I first got my driver’s license, I also lucked out and got a car. At 16, my concept of car “ownership” extended to when my dad let me know I needed an oil change.

(Although, one morning I did wake up to a flat and, rather than call AAA, he taught me how to change the tire myself — a skill I retain to this day; thanks, Pop!)

After graduation, I went out east for college and my car was subsequently sold; thus concluding my era of car ownership for years.

(It was a cherry red Acura Integra — bad ass, too — yet, I can’t believe I ever owned a red car at 16– stupid!)

I went the next eight years living car-free and loved it. Only when I left the east coast for the west coast did I again become the proud owner of a car; again it was red (really!?).

However, I now had the burden of self-reliance in dealing with the responsibility of car ownership.

So, I did what car owners do — I found a mechanic. It took some searching, but when I found the “right” guy, it was one of the best relationships I had up to that point in life.

I trusted him and he did right by me. He didn’t overcharge, didn’t “find” things to fix and even threw in an occasional free air filter.

(I loved that car. It was, pardon the expression, tits, and I was truly sad the day I turned it in. “It” was a 1997 BMW 325i coupe that named “Big Red” — and drove for 120,000 miles.)

When I moved back to Detroit, naturally one of the first people I sought to meet was a mechanic. I found Bob and lived happily ever after — until I started leasing.

Here and Now

Now, bringing it full circle and fast-forwarding, I traded a life of swanky sports cars for three kids and a minivan (black). And, like a mechanic, I’ve come to realize that with kid-ownership, the one person you need — after your spouse — is a great babysitter.

Violetta is my “right” girl. She’s been our sitter for more just about years. After family, Violetta is the person we trust most with the kids. She is sweet, patient and considerate — and loves our kids as much as anyone who isn’t related possibly could.

Sadly, she informed us that, beginning next fall, she starts her clinical work and won’t be available during the week. (She’ll be a senior in college and is set to earn her B.S.W.). We were/are crushed; depressed, even.

During the few stretches where we had to find fill-ins, no one came close to filling her shoes. She’s truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” babysitter; and, like Mary Poppins, can’t be replaced.

So, now we have to find a new sitter — and it’ll suck. And, it’s only fair that Violetta should want more in life just watch our kids. But, it just underscores how important a good babysitter is when you own (I really mean have) kids.

Thus, why my babysitter is my favorite mechanic.



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