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Come On, Nikita…

Show me where Stalin is buried, and I’ll show you a Communist plot,” said radio performer and ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. It’s kind of the same here at Red Thread.
Like the communists of the past, we pay lip service to conquering the free world (and enslave the masses) but, in the end, we’re just another paper tiger.

We also know that without the virtues of capitalism, it would be impossible to bring you our witty repartee every month — thank you advertisers!

While we can aspire to marshal the proletariat, we’ll settle on being firmly ensconced in your heart. Hope to hear from you this month.

“Communism is like one big phone company.”   — Lenny Bruce

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Re: “How Families Are Made” (May 2011)
I was delighted to see the Red Thread article on adoption as a loving choice on the road to parenthood. The timing close to Mother’s Day honors adoptive families and emphasizes that the bonds of mothering (and fathering!) via adoption are as strong and vital as those in any other family.

However, I disagree with the cost estimate given for interstate adoptions (i.e., where birthparents and adoptive parents live in different states).

In my experience, the expense of interstate adoptions is the same as, or only slightly higher than, in-state adoptions. On the subject of costs, anyone considering adoption should be aware of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

It is a tremendous help in defraying the cost of adoption and was increased to a maximum of $13,170 per child for tax year 2010.

It is a refundable credit that covers adoption expenses such as legal fees, home studies, court costs, travel expenses and birthparent living expenses.
Take a look at Instructions for Form 8839 at

— Monica Linkner,
West Bloomfield
Fellow, Am. Academy of Adoption Atty


I had read and recently re-read your thinking behind the selection of the name Red Thread. I don’t have a problem with the thread, but in a world where Jews are often accused of being Commies, the “Red” really troubles me. It is almost affirmative of that distorted opinion. Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with this name?

— Sandra Tessler,
Bloomfield Hills


Re: The New Graduate’s Guide to Awful Co-Workers (May 2011)
Just when I thought you finally got it right, you print “The Pooper,” and blew it!!!!!!!

— Russi,
rabbitears63, via email,
name and residence unknown

Editor’s Note: As previously noted, RT’s Mail Bag policy requests emailed submissions to include the author’s name and city of residence. However, we’ve developed an affinity for Russi’s emails (to clarify, that’s rabbi tears, not rabbit ears), and made the decision to reprint this latest offering.  (See April 2011.)

— Thanks, Russi. Keep writing in.

Public Service Announcement:  The Mentor Connection

Mentor Connection, a program of Jewish Family Services, will be hosting its 2nd annual Movie Event with a private screening os Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3-D at the Emagine Theatre in Novi on Sunday, June 5 at 10:30 a.m. $20 adults, $10 kids 12-under. For more information, go to



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