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Michigan House OKs Gun Bill for Toddlers

Reps seek to abolish age restrictions for concealed weapons permits after passing similar legislation for hunting.

LANSING — Ceding to the clamor of prepubescent bloodlust, the Michigan House of Representatives recently passed legislation allowing children under the age of 6 to carry a concealed weapon — provided they promise not to shoot unless their life — or milk money — is threatened.

“That government can dictate when an American citizen is ‘old enough’ to own a gun is just absurd,” said Peter Grey, regional director of Michigan Friends of the National Rifle Association. “It’s just another example of how government is the problem; the only thing that calms my 6-month-old grandbaby is the cold steel barrel of my Smith & Wesson.”

This latest bill was preceded by approved legislation allowing children less than 10 years old to obtain a hunting license. The hunting bill, which was passed in an 85-23 vote by the House, is now waiting for action by the state Senate, which recently passed similar legislation.

“We figured, why give playground bullies the upper hand?” said Rep. Peter Pattalia (R-Presque Isle), sponsor of the revised hunting bill. “If these thugs know Johnny is packing, they’ll think twice before they try and grab his lunch. And, after Johnny takes them out, he can go straight to the woods and kill Bambi for dinner.” RT



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