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Complete Healing Necklace
Complete Healing Necklace

Wear in Good Health

Living in Los Angeles, everything seems to have a health-angle. Fitness, wellness and longevity quickly become the focus of conversation, often voiced in the form of concerns. Everything from mercury in the tuna fish sandwich (or our own dental fillings), to the toxic fumes emanating from the floors and walls of our homes and offices, to the radioactive particles breezing over our coast from Japan.Complete Healing Necklace

One of the big health-buzzwords in LA is “integrative” health. I take this to mean the overall combined effect of healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. Following this concept, any illness must be addressed in every aspect of the being. The complete, entire, whole person, soul as well as physical symptoms, must be embraced, understood, and healed.

Our delicate “COMPLETE HEALING” bracelet and necklace duo are a lovely way to keep this realization present in your mind and heart, and literally on your body. These modern, feminine pieces feature the blessing, “Refuah Shelma M’Hashamyaim” – “A complete healing”—Hebrew on one side, English on the other. The text is inscribed in a delicate font on a gold-dipped plate, surrounded by a delicate scrollwork border. A dainty, oxidized sterling silver chain adds an antique feeling to these pieces.

Our customers purchase them for a number of reasons. Of course, you might purchase and wear either or both of these pieces when you are ill, or perhaps when you have endured a significant loss, and are in recovery.

I’ve also heard of people wearing these pieces on behalf of someone else who is ill, or suffering in some way. The reminder of the bracelet or pendant creates opportunities throughout the day and night to offer a prayer for that person—or just “good vibes”, if you prefer.

You may also choose to wear these pieces as a meditation for the world at large. Our world is in need of complete healing. May it start with each of us.

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