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Dumb Things We Do For Our Kids

Cake Shop


Ok.  I admit it, I do dumb things for my kids.

We just returned from a week in The Big Apple and my 12 year old daughter wanted to see The Cake Boss’s bakery in Hoboken, NJ.  We googled it, saw it was 15 minutes away, and  boarded the NJ Path train to Hoboken.  Simple.  Easy.  We walked the 5 minutes to the adorable little downtown district and walk right up to the entrance of the bakery.  Smiling and all excited we prepare to enter.

Then the gaurd says, “where’s your number?”  HUH!  We turn our heads and the block has a line of people waiting to come in.  So we wait, 2 hours, we wait.

This is just one of the dumb things I have done for my child.  I could have ordered a t-shirt online, I paid $20 anyhow for one, and I could have taken a picture outside of the bakery and all would have been good.  Nope, I waited for 2 hours and then another hour inside the actual bakery for the same baked goods in any bakery.  Cute, young girls waited on us, but no celebrities, no filming.


And to think, I grew up in Los Angeles…..Should’ve known better.


Baked Goods


Ahh… the dumb things we do for our kids.




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