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sukkah dinner

Sukkah Dinner

Cooking is not for all.  I can admit I do not fall into the “good cookers” category.  Nor do I fall in the “hostess with the mostess” category.

We should be comfortable with our lack of skills, and free to admit areas that need improvement.  I often wonder about the people that claim to cook really well, and then you taste the food.  OMG!  Not me, I am the first to laugh off my lack of cooking talents.  But, when you know how to make a few decent dishes you can impress guests, having them think you are very talented!  I so win at this category!!

I saw this recipe on Kveller and adapted it, mainly because I have a horrible allergy to sulfites, so I can’t use the wine.  Here is the recipe I made:


sukkah dinner










• Sautee an onion

• Cook the ground beef, drain the fat

• Sautee some garlic in the beef after it is cooked.

• In another pot make some rice.

• After they are both cooked, mix the beef mixture and rice together.  Toss in some chopped up cilantro and parsley.

• Add spices:  I tend to use only salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and turmeric in all of my cooking.  Sometimes I will go out of my comfort zone and add some Osem Chicken Soup Powder.  Of course, I don’t know measurements– start with a teaspoon of each.  Taste, adjust.

• Mix everything together and stuff the pumpkin (after you take out the seeds of course).  Save the top of the pumpkin, put it on the pumpkin so the meat doesn’t dry out during cooking.

• Bake 375  for an hour.  Check that the pumpkin is soft after about 45 minutes, then if it isn’t up the oven temperature.

We ate the pumpkin insides as well.

You know I am not a chef after looking  at my list of ingredients and comparing them to other sites!  What a joke, but in the end, the taste is what matters, right?

The decor was my take on the Kosher Street’s how to make a Dollar Tree Centerpiece.  I followed the idea, but thought the rocks from the Dollar Tree was even easier!

And my sister called me a Balla Busta………….


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