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Letter to the Editor: FPS Demolishes 4 Schools Without Trying to Sell or Lease Them

Why did the School Board demolish 4 schools?

Many articles were printed about the secret deal between the Farmington School Board and the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA) to bid for Eagle School. It is also necessary to discuss that four schools; Flanders, William Grace, Fairview Early Childhood Center and Wooddale were demolished without any group allowed to bid on these.  A senior administrator for the District reported in documents from the December 7, 2010 Board Committee meeting that they were “inundated with phone calls from brokers wanting to list the sites or indicating they had a buyer”. “Any interested parties requesting to look at the closed schools were turned away.”

 A list was submitted to the Board regarding inquiries to look at the properties. This information was on the list:

Former inquiries for Purchase or Lease of Closed Schools:  Most of these inquiries came when school closure was being discussed or shortly thereafter.

§  Eagle and/or William Grace;  Faith-based organization

§  Any school; Parochial school in Toledo

§  William Grace; church

§  Flanders or William Grace; private-school

§  Fairview no specific use mentioned

§  Any school Academy for autistic & specially challenged

§  Flanders; child care center

§  William Grace;  purchase easement between his property & ours

§  Any school; rent office space

§  Any school; day care center

§  Fairview; faith/community group

§  Fairview; cultural group

The taxpayers and citizens of our community need to know why the School Board discriminated against all of these potential buyers. The public also needs to know why none of the schools were saved to possibly be reopened in case more young families with children move into the community or to help relieve overcrowding if the financial situation gets better.

Consider voting for candidates for the School Board who criticized the current Board’s policies of destroying schools without getting any financial benefit.  The candidates who disapprove of demolishing the schools without first trying to sell or lease them are Irving Ginsberg, Murray Kahn and Angie Smith.

Anne S. Greenstein
Farmington Hills, MI





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