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Class Actress: Rapprocher Album Review

Class Actress is a Brooklyn-based trio that is ardently influenced by Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and Madonna. The band’s music takes you on a flashback of ’80s new wave/electro-pop sound but keeps it current by bring it into the present with its own flare.

Rapprocher is a collection of scintillating songs about romance and desire. Harper’s vocals have an edge and inflection similar to that of Bjork and Susanne Vega.

The two other members of the trio, who are key in helping produce its signature chill-wave sound, are Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal.

The name of the album, Rapprocher, is a French term that means “to approach.” It’s an ideal name that ties together the 12 tracks on Class Actress’ new release.

The album’s theme seems to be about dramatic and sometimes even tormented romance, which anyone aged 15 to 100 could relate to.

The first track on the album, “Keep You,” opens with slow and languid synths, paired with Harper’ s sweet and haunting vocals. The song is rhythmic and hypnotic with its theme of wanting to possess another person.

Track 5, “Need To Know,” sparkles and pops with building beats and synthesizers that carry a catchy dance vibe. This song is surely a club number.

A favorite track is “Bienvenue,” which is a French for “welcome.” It has a bouncy, starry-eyed vibe that fuses perfectly with Harper’s vocals as she sings: “This is the way I want to be wanted.” The Depeche Mode influence on this song is vibrantly palpable.

The album closes with the track “J.O.A (Yeah Everybody Knows) Remix.” The song is just over seven minutes long, and the first half of it is all instrumental, with trancelike head-nodding beats and underwater synthesizers.

Rapprocher is just mellow enough to listen to as background music for an evening spent with friends, but also carries a couple tracks that will most likely be seen popping up in clubs very soon if not already.



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