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St. Cece’s: Saintly Sipping at Ornate Corktown Bar

St. Cece’s resides in Corktown, where the former Baile Corcaigh restaurant used to be. The establishment, operated by siblings Celeste, Collette and Jerry Belanger, opened last year.

As you walk through the ornate wooden doors, you’ll find yourself in a warm and friendly environment replete with rich mahogany wainscoting, stained glass and a wood-burning fireplace.

While renovating the building, Celeste found an old dusty whiskey bottle in the area where the bar now stands. She set it aside on the bar. The next day Jerry came in to do some work on the kitchen, bumped into the bar and sent the bottle crashing to the floor. He meant to clean it up that evening but forgot.

The following day, the three siblings met up to discuss what they should call their new establishment and discovered the contents of the broken bottle: lost cocktail napkins chronicling the story of “St. Cece, Patron Saint of Whiskey,” who dedicated her life to visiting the neighborhoods of Detroit to provide affordable adult beverages. After reading the napkins, the Belangers knew they had a name for their bar.


On The Spot Impression: “The staff was really friendly, and they have a great selection of Michigan beers. It’s a cool place for a chill evening,” says Jessica Kotner of Royal Oak.

Drink Cost: $3-$8.

Clientele: St. Cece’s draws a mix of hipsters and regular folks from ages 21-55.

Music: A mix of eclectic music plays on the house sound system. Every once in a while, the bar features live music. Past acts include local musicians Greg Hanson, Doop and the Inside Outlaws, and Alison Lewis.

Bar Appeal: A laid-back bar featuring Michigan beers such as Founders and Short’s with three beers on tap: Poet Stout, Citra Pale Ale and Saugatuck IPA and a full stock of liquor.

Accessibility: St. Cece’s has a parking lot, and there also is parking on the street.

Queue Factor: There are a number of round tables and seating to accommodate large groups. You also can rent out the venue for special occasions. Recording artist Ty Stone rented out this venue for his engagement party.

Location and Hours: 1426 Bagley, Detroit. 5 p.m.–2 a.m. Thursday–Saturday . (313) 962-2121;



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