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Mizrachi Music and Nose Jobs
Jack Zaientz writes the highly entertaining Teruah Jewish Music blog, which covers all Jewish music, from ancient hymns to hip hop. He recently published a fascinating Q & A with Alon Braier, a freelance graphic artist who created a boxed set of cards that pay “tribute to the great Israeli mizrachi music pioneers of the ’60s and ’70s.” Go to the site and you can also read Zaientz’ take on #NoseJobGate, the controversy over Orthodox Jewish rockers the Groggers’ song “Jewcan Sam (A Nosejob Love Song),” a song and video paid for by an Orthodox Jewish plastic surgeon in Florida. Interesting stuff.
Find it at

Food Lovers
Follow Joe Hakim (@joefoodie), Henry Balanon (@balanon), Angela Watts (@wattyz), David Benjamin (@davebenjamin) and Dave Murray (@davemurr) as they take gastronomical adventures on their blog, the Hungry Dudes. They write about restaurants and recipes, such as how to turn last night’s garlic bread into breakfast this morning or how to take the lowly french fry and kick it up a notch with Parmesan and black truffles. Sounds tasty. Check them out at

Detroit Half-Full
If you want to know about cool things happening in the city, places to go and events to attend and the positive things you don’t always see on the evening news, you should put this one on your list of bookmarks. The site’s goal is promoting positivity within the city to change the reality of how people view Detroit. Last month, it featured a post about the Live Detroit Fund administered by CommunityNEXT. Visit at




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