Musical Motivation For Spring Cleaning



1. Ben Kweller Go Fly A Kite
Ben Kweller is a very talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His music has a heavy classic rock influence from bands such as the Stones and the Beatles. The album Go Fly A Kite has been in constant rotation since being put on my iPod and other music access points. If you want some music that will bring a smile to your face and have you tapping your toes along to the beat, then this is the album for you.


2. BirdyBirdy
Birdy is the 15-year-old British sensation whose music has recently made it to our ears. Her self-titled album is a brilliant experience of the budding talent in a singer/songwriter who is so young. She has a voice similar to Regina Spektor, and she’s been receiving considerable buzz around the cover she recorded of Bon Iver’s song “Skinny Love.” Another cool points factor is that she landed her song “Just A Game” on The Hunger Games movie soundtrack.


3. Fun.Some Nights
Fun. hails from New York City and currently has a popular hit with the song “We Are Young,” which you may have heard during the Super Bowl on the Chevy Sonic commercial. The album Some Nights is just like the name of the band; it’s fun. It also has a theatrical essence to it that threads throughout the album’s alternative pop sound. On certain tracks, lead singer Nate Ruess channels a bit of the spirit of Freddie Mercury, and it is fantastic! This is an album that you’ll want to play over and over … and over.


4. MutemathOdd Soul
Mutemath’s new album Odd Soul has a grungy rock ’n’ roll feel to it. The sound on this album could easily be compared to the Black Keys. Don’t let the words “grungy rock’n’ roll” frighten you away from listening to this fiery album. It’s got a lot of spark, spirit and will provide an enlivening aural experience.



5. Ty StoneAmerican Style
Detroit’s own Ty Stone gives us a taste of Americana with his brand-new album American Style. He has a powerful voice with a soul/blues edge that he pairs with his southern blues-rock musical style. The album is upbeat and perfect to put on for any occasion, especially if that occasion is listening to some fantastic music straight from the Motor City.

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