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Best friends form videography business together.

Danny Agar and Sam Shapiro of Frosted Films

Sam Shapiro and Danny Agar have been best friends since Agar moved across the street from Shapiro in Farmington Hills when they were in seventh grade. Now, they are more than just friends; they are business partners.

While rooming together their freshman year at the University of Michigan, the two entrepreneurs decided to start their own company that would combine their two loves: business and video. They created a videography company called Frosted Films. They set out with one goal in mind — capturing timeless family moments at an affordable price.

“We chose the name Frosted Films for two reasons: We are cool like frost and because of frosting on a cake, which is eaten at weddings and bar mitzvahs,” they said.

The company has worked mostly at Jewish family events but has started to branch out by creating concert videos of musicians Kid Cudi and J Cole, filming and editing videos for local companies like Just Baked, and even creating video resumes.

Agar and Shapiro, both 20, say their Jewish backgrounds have helped them because they have been to so many bar mitzvahs and weddings they know what to film to make a great video.

“We are able to get the quality moments in our video because of our experience from going to these parties when we were younger,” Shapiro said.

Their Jewish connection also has helped them gain more business by word of mouth through the local community.

Their company started with just the two of them, but they realized they needed to expand. They hired two editors and have some part-time video interns, and they are always looking for young, new workers.

More importantly, they both said the business has helped their friendship, as they have really gelled together, and their friendship has allowed their company to grow. They rely on each other — when one person doesn’t know how to do something, the other does. Because they are best friends, they aren’t competing against one another but working together for the best of their company.

They now hope to expand on the concert scene, create college application videos and do work for non-denominational events, while continuing to work for Jewish events.

They use professional-grade HD cameras to create a professional product at a more affordable price. They learned how to shoot and edit video in a class they took together at North Farmington High School. And they are still learning by expanding their expertise at Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

“We meet exclusively with each customer to work specifically for their needs,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro and Agar just finished their sophomore year at U-M, where they both are in the Ross School of Business. During the summer, they will work with Frosted Films and pursue more outside experience. Shapiro is interning at Access Computer Technology. Agar is finalizing summer job plans.

They can be reached at or (248) 497-1722, or go to

 By Jason Dovitz,  Special to the Jewish News 

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