Band members from left to right: Josh Malerman, Stephen Palmer, Chad Stocker and Derek Berk.

The High Strung hail from Detroit, and they’ve recently released an electric new album:
?Posible -O- Imposible?

The members who make up this rock n’ roll alterna-pop outfit are Josh Malerman on vocals, Stephen Palmer on guitar, Chad Stocker on bass and Derek Berk on drums.

Members Malerman, Stocker and Berk have been playing together for about 10 years and have known each other since elementary school. Stephen Palmer is the newest edition to the band.

The new album has a ’50s and ’60s pop sound with a bit of surf rock, a couple parts rock ’n’ roll and that classic bouncy sound that is intrinsic to the High Strung.

The album opens up with the track “Extraordinary Times,” which is a short and snappy intro at just a minute and a half in length. The song bounces along with a toe-tapping beat, and the chorus makes the statement, “I know I am so dissatisfied, I long for extraordinary times.”

After listening to this album a number of times, I found the song “Rats, Rats, Rats” had decided to lodge itself in my brain. I honestly can’t say why this song is so darn catchy, but it is. So be forewarned that when listening to this album, you may find yourself walking around in public singing, “Rats, Rats, Rats.”

The title track “?Posible -O- Imposible?” is a great track with a liquid surf rock feel to it that ebbs and flows with Malerman’s vocals. The soft drumming and dreamy guitar take you away on the drifting waves of a perfectly crafted song.

The whole compilation on this album flows seamlessly with 14 tracks in total. This includes the bonus track, “The Luck You Got,” which is the theme song for the Showtime series Shameless starring William H. Macy.

At one point in their career, the High Strung had a van in which they had been touring for five years. They decided to donate it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a piece of rock history. Malerman had started writing the outline of a book on the inside of the van and fans had written all over the exterior. The band drove it right up the steps of the museum and left it there with a plaque.

Soon after, Malerman received a letter from an Ohio police officer who had to remove the van. He said that he and the guys on the force found it hilarious.

The High Strung’s humor, spark and personality really shine through in their music and on the new album. ?Posible -O- Imposible? is an addictive listening experience.

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