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Bestowed with the middle name M’Lou, Stephanie Guittard Scigliano practically had no choice but to have a place in her heart for the vintage and one-of-a-kind.

Added to that, Scigliano is a textile junkie. Everything that is brightly colored and beautiful catches her fancy, from ephemera of all kinds including books and vintage cardstock letters to textiles that she collects, sews or dyes. And lucky for us, the whimsical pieces she collects and creates under the name Olive M’Lou are offered for our pickings at both her Etsy shop and local boutiques and art fairs.

Since she learned to sew at an early age, Scigliano has loved to experiment with different mediums. After studying painting, sculpture and silk-screening, she designed hats for women and children at her Plymouth shop, M’Lou Millinery.

“Hats can be very labor-intensive, and once my children were born, I found that babies and hat-making were a challenging combination,” says Scigliano. So she turned her creative energies toward fabrics, including select baby and toddler items, like hand-dyed and beribboned leg warmers and tie-dyed rompers embellished with vintage fabric and trims, like cording and ribbon, that she dyes herself in the basement studio of her West Bloomfield home, “where I can be as messy as I need to be,” she says.

She also creates lusciously hand-dyed scarves, lightweight and breezy and bursting with carefully applied color. Often dyeing large pieces of fabric so she can make a bigger-scaled pattern, then selling the fabric by the yard or cutting pieces for various scarves, she fills large squeeze bottles with liquid Procion dyes — bright, rich and child-safe — rather than vat-dyeing, so that she can precisely control her designs and use more colors per piece.

In addition to her larger-scale designs, Scigliano has a second shop on Etsy, Olive M’Lou DIY, where she offers her boundless supplies of vintage and handcrafted embellishments for do-it-yourselfers looking for standout touches to their own creations. Fabrics and trims that she’s hand-dyed are displayed among vintage Art Deco buttons on their original card, vintage millinery supplies like French silk flowers and lacquered and flocked fruit and colorful flexible silicone molds that Scigliano creates from vintage buttons and can be used for making your own buttons, beads, cabochons, even chocolates.

“I love color, and I love accessories,” says Scigliano. “So it’s really fun to see what someone else can create with my materials.”

Look for Olive M’Lou designs at, the Ann Arbor Sunday Artisan Market (, Dancing Eye Gallery in Northville ( and Ecology in Birmingham (

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