Music of the Moment



As the new year begins and those first frustrating snow flurries are dancing in the chilly air, no one ever seems quite ready for the heart of winter — even after all these years of living in Michigan. Here are some recent music releases to rock your spirit out of the approaching winter blues. 


Deftones – Koi No Yokan

The Deftones’ new album has their heavy signature sound mixed with a melodic versatility that translates into another energy-sparked release for the band. The album title Koi No Yokan is a Japanese concept, which translated means “the sense one can have upon first meeting another person that the two of them are going to fall in love.” It’s very possible if you’re a Deftones fan, you may fall in love with this album.

Green Day – ¡Dos!

!Dos! is the second album in a series of releases by Green Day. This album has the classic Green Day sound tinged with a bit of radio rock pop reverb that echoes throughout the album. This is a great album to listen to while driving, hanging out or for no reason at all. !Dos! rocks!

Kid Rock – Rebel Soul

It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll and a little bit of soul all rolled into one. Kid Rock’s new album Rebel Soul travels down a dusty Detroit road toward a bright sunrise. The Detroit-centric rocker’s new album is sparked with lyrics about our fair city and laced with groovin’ country rock that quenches your musical thirst like a tall drink of water on a hot summer’s day.

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day

In 2007, Led Zeppelin reunited to play a benefit concert celebrating the life of music exec Ahmet Ertegun. Celebration Day is a recording of that concert, which was also made into a film. The album is a fan favorite, chock full of some of their greatest hits spanning the years and hitting all the right notes.

The Twilight Saga Soundtrack – Breaking Dawn Part 2

Sparkling vampires may not be your thing, but one thing the Twilight series franchise has been stellar about is the musical soundtracks that have accompanied the movies. The newest installment is, from start to finish, a seamless album of carefully woven musical bliss. Think of a haunting and memorable slow dance that fades from one song to the next in a glittering elegance. Artists featured are Green Day, Feist, Christina Perri, Carter Burwell and James Vincent McMorrow.


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