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quickclick112Today, there are about 600 Jewish War Veterans in Michigan. This is the story of one veteran, David George, who served with courage and dedication in the Korean War (1950-1953).

George grew up in Detroit and took engineering classes at Cass Tech High until he was drafted at age 20. After completing basic training, he volunteered to join the Marines and shipped off to Korea, wearing “his lucky mezuzah.”

His first and second missions required identifying enemy targets for the Marines while directly in the line of fire. His commendation in part reads, “Under enemy attacks, he expressed complete disregard for his personal safety.”

George received numerous medals, including two bronze stars for his service. After the war, George was promoted to corporal and finished his active duty in 1960 at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia.

George then returned to Detroit and graduated from the Electronic Institute of Technology. He subsequently joined Ford Motor Company at its Dearborn Research and Engineering Center, where he spent 23 years as an engineer.

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By Carolyn Weiner, Detroit Jewish News Foundation Fellow

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