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Buddha Barbie

THE DATING REVIEW On The Mind We humans tend to seek out other people’s opinions on so many things: movies, books, restaurants, cars, exercise equipment, Broadway shows, television programs — you name it, there’s a review. At any given moment during the normal banter of our day, we can get a review on almost anything,…

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Country Club For Gearheads

M1 Concourse plans August grand opening. Woodward Avenue — the birthplace of cruising and the site of the world’s biggest one-day car event — is soon to be the home of a new $50 million dreamland for car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts. M1 Concourse, the name of the 87-acre development on the northwest corner of…

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What’s Jewish About Butterflies?

Temple Israel fourth-graders make art for Children’s Hospital in Troy. Seeing a beautiful butterfly — what better way to brighten the day of someone who’s not feeling well? It was this thought that inspired Temple Israel’s Tyner Religious School art teachers Betsy Besl and Marjie Benson to incorporate a community-inspired art project into the school’s…

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Use It — Don’t Lose It!

Dear Debra, How do you carve out time when you are working full-time and staff reductions mean every person is important to the team? A normal week for me used to be 40-50 hours. It is creeping up to much more because the workload keeps growing. Last year, I didn’t take, and lost, the nearly…

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The Future Is History: Part III

Year, 1925: “It is unfortunate that Uncle Sam has to be made to look like a jackass before the civilized world by reason of the antics of the Secretary of State who evidently is on the side of Admiral Horthy of Hungary.” Indeed! Now that the William Davidson Digital Archive of Detroit Jewish History stretches…

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One Year Later

“Grand Bargain” saved DIA’s treasures to the relief of staff, volunteers, citizens. It started with a doodle on the back of a legal pad. Chief Judge Gerald Rosen of the U.S. District Court for Eastern Michigan had been appointed the chief federal mediator to oversee Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings. Soon after Detroit declared bankruptcy on July 18, 2013, the…

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