djn-2005-03-10-0-024As I write this, I’m listening to the bustle of people crowding outside HopCat, a bar that just opened a stone’s throw from my apartment in Detroit.

It seems that every time I exit my home, there are more and more businesses cropping up around me. As Detroit rebuilds itself after bankruptcy and new companies move into the city, it’s essential that we remember Detroit’s past and the people that put in the effort to support its future when others were betting against our city.

One of those people was Max Fisher. A founder of Detroit Renaissance with Henry Ford II in1970, Fisher spearheaded development in Detroit through providing seed capital for housing projects, wooing Robert McCabe on board to plan big events such as the Grand Prix and the Detroit Montreux International Jazz Festival and encouraging business growth in areas that were once ignored. Moreover, Detroit Renaissance laid the foundation for the growth in Midtown and the University District that is occurring today.

By Meghan McGowen, M. Jacobs & Sons Fellow

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