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djn-1998-03-27-0-071Faster Than a Speeding Latke … It’s … Menorah Man!”

Menorah Man, a member of the Jewish Hero Corps, was a Jewish superhero whose mission was to defend the collective memory of the Jewish people. With the ability to grow eight arms and roast his enemies with his 40 fingers, Menorah Man also had loyal sidekicks: Minyan Man, Dreidel Maidel, Matzah Woman, Kipa Kid, Shabbas Queen and Magen David.

His creator, Alan Oirich, drafted the idea for the Jewish Hero Corps when he was 8 years old after reading public service announcements that had appeared in comic books four decades earlier.

Originally debuted in 1996, the Jewish Hero Corps began their fight against their adversaries, the “Fobots,” which were robots programmed to erase Jewish knowledge and unravel Jewish history and culture. So the next time you look up in the sky for a bird or a plane, look out for Menorah Man!

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 By Adam Mosseri, Detroit Jewish News Foundation Fellow


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