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djn-1945-02-23-0_024 copyThe Detroit Jewish News Archives holds some fascinating stories, to say the least. While working with the archives last week, I ran across a story about a military hero that you may not have heard of, but is someone you may know.

As the U.S Army, along with its British and Canadian allies, began closing in on Nazi Germany itself, the fighting was hot and heavy. In November 1944, as a German artillery barrage created numerous casualties among the American soldiers, one man took it upon himself to jump out of the relative safety of his foxhole to help his wounded comrades. He dragged as many of them as he could to safety while shells were exploding all around him and administered first aid as best he could.

For his bravery as noted above, Maj. Gen. William A. Burriss gave Pvt. 1st Class Graham H. Landau an accommodation for heroism under fire. This was reported in the DJN in February 1945. Landau returned from the war and became a successful businessman in Detroit.

By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist


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