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djn-1949-03-25-0-010What balances the delicious flavors of whitefish and pike? Manischewitz Gefilte Fish! The wonderful flavors of these loaves of fish have graced the tables of Jewish households all around the world.

Enjoyed on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, the traditional preparation of gefilte fish involved removing the fish’s skin from the flesh and then adding other ingredients, with the mixture being stuffed back into the skin and then baked.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the B. Manischewitz Company began when Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz opened his first bakery. The company now offers customers 14 different kinds of gefilte fish to choose from. Today, Manischewitz Gefilte Fish can be bought at almost any grocery store. So the next time you sit down to dine on some gefilte fish, remember that you’re partaking in an integral part of oneg Shabbat—the obligation to enjoy and engage in pleasurable pursuits on Shabbat.

And, since 1949, Manischewitz has advertised in the Detroit Jewish News.

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By Adam Moserri, Detroit Jewish News Foundation Fellow

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