Quick Click: Vignettes from the Jewish News, May 14, 2015



11021370_518480744957917_3714439185365877771_oThis week, we don’t have a Quick Click story, but we do have some questions.

Where can you find a variety of interesting reading? From the serious to the light-hearted? Maybe you are a fan of the Star Wars movies? (I never knew one says, “May the fourth be with you” on May 4.) Or are you interested in how Detroit’s Jewish community felt about the founding of Israel?

Or, are you interested in fun, old advertisements, like the one for Chef Boyardee spaghetti sauce and Jewish cooking? Or, maybe you just like cat photographs, like that of the feline in the IDF uniform?

All of these stories, as well as hundreds of thousands more, can be found in the archives of the Detroit Jewish News. But, there is another way to interact with the history within the JN archives — the Facebook page of the Detroit Jewish News Foundation! Every week, our Facebook guru Lauren Ann-Davies finds some interesting tidbits from the archives and posts them on the DJNF Facebook page.

We invite you to visit, and we hope you will “like” our page (www.facebook.com/DJNFoundation).

By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

 Want to learn more? Go to the DJN Foundation archives, available for free at www.djnfoundation.org.


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