Quick Click…Vignettes From the JN Archives, June 18, 2015



Father’s Day is jdjn-1986-06-06-0-018ust around the corner. So, what present are you going to get Dad this year? Is he interested in high-tech gadgets? If so, then there are a number of excellent choices with the latest innovations – if it were 1986!
Reviewing the advertisements in the JN for 1986, one sees the hottest items on the market. You could get Dad an Atari game set and play Space Invaders with him.
Or maybe, he likes music? So, then, buy him a few tapes for his portable cassette deck (assuming he has given up his 8-Track tape player).
Maybe Dad is one of the growing number of personal computer users? You could get him a new IBM PC with an outstanding 30-megabyte hard drive, the speediest machine available for sale.
Mobile phones were still just around the corner, but in the June 6, 1986, issue of the JN, we found the perfect gift. And, if your Dad is a sports fan, it’s even better — touch-tone phones with University of Michigan or Michigan State University colors and logos!
Yes, indeed, the perfect gift — if it were 1986.

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By: Mike Smith, Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist

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