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Jewish women have established numerous service organizations in Detroit over the years, and provided millions of volunteer hours, to say nothing of millions of dollars, to support Detroit and its Jewish community. One historic organization was the Sinai Guild.djn-1965-07-30-0-019

The Guild was first established as the Sinai Hospital Women’s Auxiliary in 1952. The Sinai Hospital Board of Trustees appointed Mrs. Joseph Erlich to form the group. As provisional chair, Mrs. Erlich chose 36 women from several Jewish community organizations to serve as board members. Mrs. Hyman C. (Celia) Broder was elected the group’s first president, and the name was soon changed to the Sinai Guild.

For the next 60 years, the Guild provided volunteers to assist patients and hospital staff. Sinai Hospital closed in 2000. The Guild then concentrated on grants, providing more than $3.5 million for medical research as well as equipment to such organizations as Hebrew Free Loan and Jewish Senior Life.

The Guild finally disbanded on July 11, 2012, but with a great legacy. Here is an item from the JN in 1965, when the members broke ground for a new Women’s Guild house staff residence.

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By: Mike Smith,  Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist

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