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djn-1987-10-16-1-067Yesterday, I spent a delightful morning with Sue Marx, the documentary filmmaker from Detroit. Indeed, I should say “famous” documentary filmmaker from Detroit. Marx has won more awards than can be named in a short Click like this.

To mention the tip of the recognition iceberg, however, she has won numerous local Emmys, was cited as “Michigan Filmmaker of the Year” at the Traverse City Film Festival in 2011 and, in 1987, along with partner, Pamela Conn, won an Oscar for her film Young at Heart.

Indeed, as Michael Moore, founder of the Traverse City Film Festival said, “Sue Marx is an inspiration to filmmakers in the state … she is considered a pioneer in the film community.”

I then wondered — when did Marx receive her first award? Well, the first mention of such a thing in the William Davidson Digital Archive is an item in the Sept. 3, 1965, issue of the JN. Sue Marx is cited as winning the huge sum of $50 for her entry in the Newspaper National Snapshot Awards Contest. What a journey from there to an Oscar!   Here’s a shot of Sue behind the camera from the JN in 1987.

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 By Mike Smith, Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist

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