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djn-1945-09-28-0-001While searching through the pages of Jewish News in the William Davidson Archives, I find a lot of fun and interesting stories. I also find a lot of stories that are interesting and important, but maybe not so fun.

The image included with this week’s Quick Click makes that point. It is photo of tragedy, an image that leaves a deep impression upon the viewer. It is a somewhat fuzzy, but moving image of a very young Jewish girl holding her baby brother. She is obviously in some tough straits. The devastation of World War II was over, but she and thousands of other children were refugees, searching for family, homes and meals.

Sgt. Maurice Manson took the photo in Italy. While it represents the homelessness faced by so many Jewish children, the photo also represented the same problem suffered by Italian children as well as many other children at the time.

Indeed, children around the world today still face the same problems.

The Jewish News published this large photo on its front page on Sept. 28 1945, to help promote the War Chest campaign of the United Jewish Appeal for Refugees. ■

Want to learn more? Go to the DJN Foundation archives, available for free at www.djnfoundation.org.


By Mike Smith, Detroit Jewish Foundation Archivist


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