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djn-1959-03-13-0-009This month marks 30 years since the passing of Bee Schrier Kalt, a business icon in the Detroit Jewish community. Kalt was born in Poland and came to Detroit with her parents as a child. She graduated from Detroit’s High School of Commerce in 1927.

In 1959, Kalt became a female entrepreneur during an era when only a few women held such roles: She established her own business — a travel agency. Kalt soon became one of the most respected agents in the industry, specializing in cruises before that kind of vacation travel became commonplace.

Bee Kalt Travel advertised extensively in the Jewish News for decades and was a popular agency within Detroit’s Jewish community. Her business flourished and grew to include her sons. Today, the Kalt family still operates the agency Bee Kalt started more than 50 years ago. A determined and talented woman, Kalt broke the “glass ceiling” long before this metaphor for the obstacles women faced when pursuing advancement in their careers became a standard term in the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language. *

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By Amiee Ergas, Jewish Collections Archivist, Walter Reuther Library


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