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djc-1935-12-27-0-009We at the Jewish News Foundation are really pleased that it is now official — you can go to our website and search more than 50,000 pages of the Detroit Jewish Chronicle, along with 270,000 pages of the Detroit Jewish News, in the William Davidson Digital Archives of Jewish Detroit History. And, all of this is free and comes to your home, or wherever your laptop happens to be, no matter if you are in Detroit, Florida or Timbuktu!

This advertisement from the Detroit Jewish Chronicle and Legal News (note the different title for that year) Dec. 27, 1935, states, “The Jewish Chronicle Should be in Every Jewish Home” and urges the reader to “Keep Informed on What is Going in the Jewish World.”

Well, we think we’ve met the editor’s first point — the Detroit Jewish Chronicle is now available in every Jewish home around the world. The second point is just a little bit different; a search of the Chronicle will tell you “What went on in the Jewish World” from 1916-1951.

And, trust me — there was a lot of stuff “going on” in the Jewish community, in Detroit, America and across the globe.

Want to learn more? Go to the DJN Foundation archives, available for free at www.djnfoundation.org.

By Mike Smith | Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist


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