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djc-1935-12-20-0-014Sometimes one discovers interesting facts while researching a completely different topic. It began like this — I am a Detroit Lions fan. There are many of us. We follow the Lions because we are from Detroit, a great sports city where we are loyal to our home teams; but when it comes to rooting for the Lions, we have suffered. Being a Lions fan is sort of like being in a cult. How else do we describe following a team that hasn’t won a championship since 1955?

I knew that the Lions also won an NFL championship in 1935. The Lions beat the New York Giants on Dec. 15 that year, in a game played at the University of Detroit Stadium, by a score of 26-7. So, now that the Jewish Chronicle has been digitized, I thought, I wonder if the Chronicle covered the big game? It did not.

However, I found this most interesting article about the 11 members of the Jewish All-Pro Football team from the Dec. 20 issue. It is a little bit “tongue-in-cheek.” There were only 11 Jews in the whole league in 1935! *

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By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist


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