djn-2006-12-21-0-026As most readers know, the newspaper business in the United States has been through some tough times over the past few years.

The rise of the Internet has resulted in a vast myriad of sources for news — whether accurate or not — that can be accessed from a home computer or from a smart phone. To say the least, today’s universe of newspapers and news delivery is, and will always be, in a constant state of flux.

For nearly three years now, I have spent a lot of hours peeking into past issues of the Jewish News, and now the Jewish Chronicle. And while doing my research, I have been struck by the constant evolution of the JN. At the risk of being accused of “buttering-up” the folks I work with, I will tell you that I am very impressed by one big thing: They all work and think very hard, every day, about how to improve the JN. The JN recently made some changes to its format and style. This was not the first time. This ad from the Dec. 21, 2006, issue of the JN was the catalyst for my thoughts on this matter.

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By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist



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