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Adobe Photoshop PDFWhile we at the Jewish News Foundation do indeed believe in developing resources to be used in the future, my job as archivist and historian is usually a matter of looking back. And to start the year, I found a most interesting article from the Jan. 5, 1990, issue of the JN: “Gazing into the ’90s.”

It begins with Robert Aronson, vice president of the Jewish Welfare Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, who concluded that Jewish life in Detroit will no longer be a question of survival but a question of quality: “I think the key issue in the 1990s will be how to help people lead creative Jewish lives.”

The article addresses several key issues for the Jewish community for the 1990s and beyond. Education was a primary focus, as well as an increased emphasis upon supporting Jewish senior citizens, whom the article notes are living longer lives due to environment and advances in medicine.

One other key issue was the resettlement of 1,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Indeed, this was also a key issue for Israel, who accommodated hundreds of thousands of Russian immigrants in the early 1990s.

Twenty-five years later, there is still a great emphasis on education and seniors, and helping Jewish immigrants to Detroit.

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By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

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