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February has been traditionally noted as the “month of love.” Cards are bought, candy is given, kisses abound.
What is it about love that we simply cannot get enough of?  
I feel like we are always in a state of looking for love, being in love, falling out of love or getting over love.
Love: A noun, a verb, a curse, a blessing.
I’ve noticed that with so many young adults moving Downtown lately, I’ve had a lot of moms emailing me, asking what’s the best dating site for their kids to find love, companionship and/or friendship.
Here’s one question I received recently:
“Dear Karin,
You referenced dating in your 12/24/15 JN column. Just wondered if you had any suggestions for my son. He’s a college grad, an employed software engineer and a good guy. His profession is male-dominated. He’s looking for a date with girlfriend potential. He’s tried online and the few social outings he can find. No luck. Do you have any fresh ideas?
Thank you.”
I know there are many dating sites out there (which are always an option if you want to go that route). Here is a list (not an endorsement) of the sites that target mainly Jewish singles in particular: JDate, JWed, JMatch, JewishCafe, Jewcier, MatchmakerMatchmaker, JPeopleMeet, SuperTova and SawYouatSinai.
Another great idea is to go grocery shopping after work. I know it sounds comical — but you can find so many young single professionals doing their shopping around 6 p.m. on weekdays. I find that Plum Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s seem to draw the greatest amount of after-hours singles roaming the aisles, seeking ready-made meals for “one.”
Social media sites seem to still remain a great way of finding new singles “ready to mingle.” If you have the chutzpah, you can Facebook friend request and/or private message someone you’ve heard “through the grapevine” has gotten divorced.
(And, boy, do I know people who do that!)
A small introduction of yourself, along with a bunch of friends in common, can go a long way in breaking the ice.
You know what they say: When it comes to social media, “Nobody’s safe — and everyone is stalkworthy.”
Another option is to ask around and find out who’s single and looking for a “fix-up.” Keeping your ears to the ground has always been an oldie but a goodie.
Coffee places in the morning, gyms after 6 p.m. and certain area restaurants during “happy hour” seem to pull in the singles as well.
Either way, when love is in the air — everyone seems happier … right?

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