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djn-2000-12-01-1-112While cruising through the William Davidson Digital Archives — just before lunch, mind you — an article stated that readers would “Go Nuts” for “Biblical Chicken.” I was hungry, and I believed the story’s conclusion. I would indeed have liked some of this dish that was prepared by Esther Littmann via a recipe from her daughter, Jessica Littmann, and heartily endorsed by husband and father, David Littman.

Of course, many recent issues of the Jewish News have lots of recipes. But, I wondered, when did the JN and the Jewish Chronicle began to publish recipes?

The first recipe to be found is the “Recipe for War Bread and Cake” in the Aug. 3, 1918, issue of the Jewish Chronicle. It was a cake with no butter or eggs. When published, America was heavily involved in World War I, and some baking supplies were rationed. Of course, a search for “recipe” also cites the 1921 Essex, an automobile that was built by using a new “recipe” — an enclosed steel car body.

The first recipes were published in the JN on the April 3, 1942, less than a month after the newspapers inaugural issue. These were the “Recipes for the Passover.” Since that time, numerous recipes have been written about, baked and cooked, and of course, the best part, eating the results!

By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

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