djn-1967-06-09-0-005If you would like to see a shining example of the Detroit Jewish community coming together to support a cause, read deeply into the June 9, 1967, issue of the JN.

At that time, Israel was in the midst of the “Six-Day War.” Although the Israeli Air Force had wiped out almost all of the air forces from the three opposing nations — Egypt, Syria and Jordan — and the Israeli Defense Forces were gaining on the ground, there was still a way to go before a cease-fire was declared on June 11.

In the end, while vastly outnumbered, Israel claimed a decisive victory, one that is still studied today in the world’s military colleges.

But it was not a preordained result. Israel was not quite 20 years old. It did not have the resources to replenish its military supplies and sustain its economy and citizens after the war

And, with Memorial Day in the United States just past, we also know the human sacrifices that are made in wartime.

If you want to understand what a community can do when there is a real and immediate crisis, read the announcements, reports and stories in this issue of the JN, published while the war was still raging. It is an impressive piece of history and a salute to Detroit’s Jewish community.

By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

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