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djc-1916-06-09-0-009I  love the old advertisements in the JN and the Jewish Chronicle. This ad for Goebel beer from the June 9, 1916, issue of the Chronicle was especially informative.

Goebel beer was brewed in Detroit from 1873 to 1964, and for many years, was the state’s third-largest brewer. The city’s most famous beer maker, the Stroh’s Brewery Company, acquired the company in 1964. The last appearance of Goebel Beer appears to have been in 1999.

Goebel was considered a cheaper, but good light beer, which is likely why my grandfather kept a fridge-full of the brand. Indeed, it was the first beer I ever tasted when — out of the eye of my grandmother, of course — he would let me take a sip from his can of Goebel.

However, until I read this advertisement for Goebel in the JC, I did not realize that my grandfather was actually looking out for my health. Reading the ad, I learned that “Goebel Pure Food Beer” was a healthy and wholesome choice of beverage. Indeed, the ad pleads with readers: “In your home — for your health’s sake and for your friends’ — have a case of Goebel beer.” It seems that Grandpa was a pretty smart guy. *

By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

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