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djn-2002-07-05-0-001It’s a couple of days after July 4, our national birthday. This year, we are in the midst of a presidential election, one that is nastier than usual (although, as a historian, I can tell you that there have been other campaigns that have been as or more outrageous than the current one). But, the point is — we have elections, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and, with all its faults, a democratic political system.

While cruising through the William Davidson Digital Archives, I ran across an excellent series of stories in the July 5, 2002, issue of the JN that celebrate the “Land of the Free.” Keri Guten Cohen, the JN Story Development editor, did a fine job orchestrating this feature, which illustrates this notion of freedom through the personal experiences of Jewish immigrants to Detroit.

First, there are feature stories on three immigrants who, as the introduction states, “found their Jewish American Dream” in America: Raya Goldberg and Avraham Gontovnik, along with Sonia Pittman. Former JN Editor Robert Sklar wrote about the retirement of Temple Israel Cantor Harold Orbach, who with his family escaped from Nazi Germany after Kristallnacht. I found this issue of the JN to be inspiring reading for July 4.

This isn’t a bad place to live at all.

By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

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