Our intrepid columnist Danny Raskin has been writing for the JN for nearly 75 years. Indeed, his column appeared in the first issue of the JN in March 1942, and he has been a mainstay ever since. djn-1943-10-22-0-014
But, until yesterday, when Arthur Horwitz discovered a story in the William Davidson Digital Archives, we did not realize that Danny had a direct hand in ending World War II.
In the Oct. 23, 1942, issue of the JN, Danny presented a poem: “When Hitler’s Goose is Cooked.”
At this time, the outcome of the war was still in doubt, but Danny was confident, and his poem predicted the inevitable end of the Nazi Fuhrer. He was right, of course. However, he could not foresee how his poem would inspire one of Detroit’s Jews serving in the Army Air Corps in Europe.
A year later, in the Oct. 22, 1943, JN, the main item for “Jews in Uniform” was a photo and story about Detroiter Lt. Bob Shan. In the photo, Shan is next to a bomb he expected to soon deliver to the Nazis. The bomb was inscribed as a “Special Delivery” from Danny Raskin, to which the poem would be attached. In this case, it might be a compliment and honor to say that Danny’s poem was a “bomb.” *

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— Mike Smith/DJN Foundation Archivist

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