Dale and Marty Goodman, Officers Phil Pacheco, Rick Trabulsy and David McNealy III with Rabbis Elimelech and Shneur Silberberg

On July 31, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, hundreds of people enjoyed themselves at the 24th annual picnic and boating event of the Tugman Bais Chabad Torah Center, which took place at the lakeshore residence of Marty and Dale Goodman.
This year’s celebration was unique as there was a special ceremony honoring the West Bloomfield Police Force for their selfless service to the West Bloomfield community and its houses of worship.
Rabbis Elimelech and Shneur Silberberg and Marty Goodman addressed the crowd, each expressing their feelings of gratitude to these civil servants who put themselves in harm’s way.
Police Officers Rick Trabulsy and David McNealy III, and Recruit Police Officer Phil Pacheco represented the police force and accepted a special plaque from the congregation.
The officers expressed their heartfelt thanks for the recognition and mentioned how this event was especially appreciated considering recent events taking place around the country. *

Alan Reinstein and his grandson Ryan Reinstein, both of West Bloomfield
Marty Goodman of West Bloomfield gave boat tours.
Ilana and Jonathan Margolis of West Bloomfield