Antoine Salah checks out Reisa Shanaman’s curly hair, her Jewish "hairitage.”
Antoine Salah checks out Reisa Shanaman’s curly hair, her Jewish “hairitage.”

As someone of Jewish “hairitage,” my mane has never been the easiest to manage. It probably didn’t help matters that — before the proliferation of products like pomades, sprays, gels and mousses — I would head into haircuts wanting Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-straight strands. I flat-ironed it incessantly as a teenager, only learning to love my crazy, unruly locks as I got older — and better-versed in the wonderful world of curly hair-care confections.

Seeing how Metro Detroit has seemed as swelteringly humid as a Masada sunrise lately, I jumped at the opportunity to try Hair Botox at Antoine Salon in Troy, the Midwest distributor of the RG Cosmetics Hair B line. Where Keratin treatments are employed to semi-permanently straighten hair, I was told Hair Botox would merely loosen my curls, while making them silky, smooth and frizz-free for up to three months. The products — free of chemicals and formaldehyde — are full of organic ingredients like coconut oil and amino acids. This made the 90-minute process, painless, odorless and pleasant.

When I arrived at the salon for my appointment, I was led to a seat, where the owner, Antoine Saleh, gave me an overview of the procedure, which costs $200 and up.

Hair Botox treatment is applied.

“It adds collagen back to the hair, really nourishes it and makes the hair wonderful,” he said.

My thick ringlets were washed with a special shampoo before the “botox” was run through them with a comb. It was similar to a color treatment, only without the unhealthy fumes and tin foil. I spent 30 minutes under a dryer while it worked its way through my tresses after which I was led back to my seat to have it “pulled through” to ensure it reached all the way to the roots.

The creamy treatment felt cool and refreshing as it was massaged onto my scalp. Once it was washed out, a hair mask was applied and left on for five minutes. My mane was blown out and flat-ironed to complete the procedure.

Voila! Jewish “hairitage” hair is tamed.

I immediately saw — and felt — a difference. As promised, my tresses were silky and smooth without losing any of the body. It was around 90 degrees outside with more than 50 percent humidity when I left the salon. Ordinarily, such conditions would result in instantaneously looking as if an unfortunate furry critter had crawled atop my crown. Not today.

I walked around my neighborhood; no frizz. I even got caught in a rainstorm. Still no frizz. I never thought it possible to maintain a straightened mop amidst even the slightest amount of moisture. I could hardly keep a ponytail elastic in; my hair was so sleek it kept sliding out.

After enjoying my professional blow-out for a few days, with relatively minor touchups required, I finally washed my hair at home. I have to admit I was a bit bummed that my ringlets weren’t quite as tight as they were before the Hair Botox treatment. However, if ever there was a climate in which to wage a war on frizz, Motown’s muggy late summer could be considered prime. Besides, my corkscrew curls will be back, in all their poof-prone glory, just in time for fall.


Call Antoine Salon at (248) 822-8115.

By Reisa Shanaman | Special to the Jewish News



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