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djn-1997-08-22-0-003I found a great story in the Aug. 22, 1997, issue of the JN. It was a story about generosity, empathy and community building related to four donors: Murray Pitt, Sam and Carol Sobel, and Gloria Hamburger, who donated three homes to Kadima in 1997.

Kadima, or “Moving Forward” in Hebrew, was founded in Detroit in 1984. Not to be confused with the political party in Israel of the same name, Kadima in Detroit was established to deal with the very poor conditions at the time for elderly suffering from mental illness.

One of the primary goals of Kadima was to provide adequate adult-foster care. Its first home was in 1984, but in 1997, with the donations from Pitt, Hamburger and the Sobels, Kadima’s housing stock was quadrupled to four homes and 12 apartments.

Today, Kadima supports not only housing services but also residential services and the Lois and Milton Y. Zussman Activity Center. Last year, Kadima expanded its mission with a goal, in its own words, “to ensure that our capabilities, accomplishments and reputation are best suited to meet the community’s need for positive mental health outcomes.”

Many of us who have family members with other challenges — in my case, I have a nephew with autism — are grateful for dedicated service organizations like Kadima and, moreover, for the donors who sustain their work.

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By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist

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